Monday, June 13, 2016

Summer is coming! Back to blogging!

Helloooo everyone! I'm back in the saddle again! I've been super busy (but who isn't!?!?!) and blogging took a back burner for a minute. I'd like to officially announce my return to blogging. I decided I needed to jump in two feet first and see what happens. More content. NASCAR. Puppies!!! Recipes and cooking hints I've been learning along the way, and definitely parenting! I've learned alot raising my 4 awesome girls with my husband. We've learned to pick our battles and enjoy the good times we have because we know they eventually grow up and become busy adults just like we did!

Speaking of growing up......our youngest graduates Kindergarten! Yup!!!!! K's outta and going to be a 1st grader in Sept! And our oldest is going to middle school then. Outta 6th grade with L! And our two middles are going into 5th grade! N&N are to have separate classrooms again next year, as we think that gives them some needed time to be individuals. My sweet little non-twins must have some space from each other every now and again.

My husband and I went to INDY in Indiana this past May, and I can't wait to share some photos and memories about that!

I want to make a post about my pups, Penny and Cash! They are my cutie furbabies! A CHI and a SHI-CHI. :)

My sister is engaged! And my younger brother too! So that means my favorite thing in the whole wide world! WEDDINGS! I didn't realize I would enjoy watching other couples' weddings but it's truly beautiful watching others profess their love to each other and then a HUGE family celebration! I love love love weddings and my family!

Oh, I've also developed, or fine tuned maybe, another hobby! Makeup!! I've discovered palates and color correcting and skin treatments! Back in February I subscribed to a bunch of beauty sub boxes with some our tax return money and I had so much fun trying a bunch of new stuff. Then I discovered Ulta. And more makeup sites! Stay tuned!!!

Reviews are another niche I have really been enjoying lately! I will occasionally post my faves here too.

So yaaaa travel, NASCAR, parenting girls, makeup! It's all gonna be here! The posts are real and they are gonna be fantastic! I hope you will join me! (or us...)