Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Rainy Days and Whiny Kids! This mom ninja kicked the rainy day blues away!

Rain, rain go away! Come again another day! We all know the childhood song, about the woes of rain on an otherwise great day to go out and play. As an adult, I know how important rain is for the growth of Earths plantlife. I still feel bad for my munchkins when the rain takes over entire weekend day. My oldest 3 work very hard at school nearly 40 hours a week, so I try to find activities we can do together as a family to pass the time. Instead of sitting in front of the tv, we are having family time!
 I have found one website in particular that is very helpful. It's the Disney Family Websitehttp://family.go.com/. My girls all love Disney movies, so this was an easy choice for me. They each have their favorite princesses and characters, and it was easy to find crafts for kids of all ages on the site.

Print and cut out in advance, store in plastic baggies, and when rainy sprinkles start, you can have a fun easy craft that is ready for little hands. 

My girls are able to maneuver glue and paper well, so this is a craft they will feel confident about doing and with their result. This results in lots of smiles and happy shouts. :D

Here is what I printed (all available on the website!)

3D Rapunzel Craft

3D Tomater Craft

3D Belle Craft

3D Cinderella Craft

Tianas Crown

Princess and the Frog Memory Game

Jake and the Neverland Pirates Playset

Managed to print these in less than 20 minutes. Took very little free time to cut these out and bag them up, ready to glue together when the weather is crappy!

Here is a youtube video explaining more about Disney crafts on the Disney Family website.

I cut out Tomater while sipping coffee and watching my girls play outside! :D

 You can cut out as many craft projects as you like, and bag them up so they are ready to assemble and play with! :D

 All of the crafts from the Disney Family website come with easy instructions!

We are going to do the Mad-Lib Disney style while we are waiting for our glue to dry! :D

I hope you have enjoyed my post and video! Hopefully you have some great ideas for activities you can do with your children when it's rainy outside!!

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