Monday, July 11, 2016

Reviewing Products on Amazon

Hey everyone! I'm back, busy as can be, but finally have a few minutes to reach out to you all and let you know what's been up in the Deck household.

Since I wrote last, we've had at least 2 birthdays, Natty turned 10 and Jerry turned 45! For Jerrys birthday, we took a trip to Camden, NJ to see a country concert! It was a lot of fun despite hearing about high crime in that area. We paid someone to park although the girls who parked in front of us didn't and didn't get towed or ticketed!!!!! Anyway, the 4 girls who parked in front of us were so nice! They offered Jer and I beers and shots, quite a reception Camden! Hey girls if you are reading this ya'll were so nice! Thanks again! Anyhow, the concert, Florida Georgia Line, Cole Swindell, Kane Brown and The Cadillac Three played and we danced and sang our butts off! Despite all the traveling (which we never handle all that well!!!) we had an AMAZING time!!!

We also went to the 100th running of INDY. Not sure if I posted about that yet. Yeah, we have been super busy with school out and trying to pack it all in this summer. We still have a lot planned!!!! We have 2 kids interested in going to a NASCAR race, so we are tossing around the idea of going to POCONO raceway July 31st. I'll letcha know how that goes!

Ok, so my blog post title is about Amazon, yet I've said nothing about it, until NOW! I fell into the Amazon reviewer rabbit hole after seeing some friends online enjoying doing it in their free time. I thought, sure, I can do that too! I had just took the plunge and became an Amazon prime member with part of our tax return back in February. I've been an Amazon customer since forever (2010 I think?) but I've never put much thought into the reviewer ranking or how to get products to review. I've just reviewed products I had bought over the years. My ranking was 41Mil when I started. Now I am at about 2.7 mil which is better. #1 is the best of course. I checked out her reviews. Man, does she get good stuff to review. I do too, so I don't complain, just strive to give good, honest reviews about products. I try to wait 10 days but sometimes I review in 7 if asked. Anyway, in the last 30 days I've ordered made more than 66 amazon orders. My mailman has been dropping off multiple packages daily. They range in catagories from baby products to adult products and everything in between. I've been spending lots of time lately posting reviews, some with pictures, some with videos and some without any. I have had good products so far, with only one product getting a 4 star rating. Most other products are great value for the money. I am looking forward to sharing more about my reviewing adventures soon!

Well, free times up! Kids are home, and I've got to get back to momming!! :) talk to you all again soon!!!!!