Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Hot Find! Daily Rehash is a hot new webisode!

Hey everyone! I hope everyone is staying cool!!! It's super hot here in NY!

New York is in the grips of a stifling heatwave/high humidity spell that's been really unsafe for a lot of people! It's just too hot for my girls to go outside, they want to stay cool in the air, playing on computers, ipods, and smart phones. If we wanna get moving, we put on the Wii! (yay for excercise in the AC!!)
When I am successful in prying them from my laptop from my kids, the first thing I do is catch up on my twitter, blog, and e-mails. If any of you know my online rep, you know I am a certifiable Twitt-a-holic. Especially on Sunday, when #NASCAR is on! When it isn't (Sad!) I like to cheer up with funny videos.
I'm always checking out the newest and most interesting stuff from the web too!

So today during my surfing around, I came across +Daily ReHash on YouTube and checked out a webisode or two. The webisodes catches you up with the trending topics on Twitter, and they do it all in 140 seconds or less. Daily Rehash is from Ora.Tv! Ora.Tv was launched by the one and only, Larry King!!!!! 

Check out Daily Rehash on YouTube, Subscribe to their videos, and let me know in the comments what your favorite episode is so far! They are super quick videos so I've been watching them here and there, and the Slurpee one is my favorite so far! The end is freaking hilarious!

Stay cool peeps and lets hope this heatwave ends soon! Until then, I'm staying right here!!! It's a nice 70-75!

P.S. I love your comments!! :D