Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Red Carpet At Home Manicure!! Perfect for us #DIY mommas!

   Hiya everyone!!

          Believe it or not, summer is starting to coming to a close...(I know, I know I SAID IT!) It's time to "fall into routine" with back to school activities around my home. I'm most looking forward to meeting my girls' new teachers and having a relationship of learning with them for the next 10 months. Lots of PTA meetings and Open Houses and Chorus Concerts!! As a busy momma, I need all the tricks, and secrets I can find to make looking great look effortless! I'm pleased to share some great news hitting the Nail Art world! As busy mommas trying to do it all, sometimes we skip a nail appointment... (or 12!) Sometimes I don't have hours to get my nails done...
Think about it...

getting ready to leave the house
driving to the salon
waiting my turn at the salon
spending the time getting my nails done
driving back home...

Then, after all that, I have to be sooo super careful to not fudge up my new mani on the drive home. Car keys, car doors, seat belts... and you know the list goes on!!

I just learned about an amazing new company, called Red Carpet Manicure, and I couldn't not share it with you all!! Their products pass the test of some of my favorite celebrities, like Blake Lively, Rhianna and J.Lo! Red Carpet Manicure sells amazing, DIY at home gel manicure kits!

As soon as I seen their website I knew I would be ordering their products soon! I instantly fell in love with the Gems and Glitter kits! One product for great amazing Nail Art!! When it comes to staying power, these manicures last two weeks!! Red Carpet Manicures really is the leader in Nail Art Technology!!!

Check out some of these amazing photos! This nail art is over the top amazing!!

While waiting for your order to arrive, ;) why not go over to Red Carpet Manicures Facebook Page and enter their sweepstakes?! You could win some amazing prizes! Use This Link To Enter

They are offering 10 prizes to random winners!! :D Here are the prizes:

10 winners are selected
at random to win the following prizes:

  • RCM Gel Polish Pro Kit (1

  • 5 of the newest RCM
    colors (3 winners)

  • 5 popular colors (3 winners)

  • 3 popular colors (3 winners)

You can learn more about Red Carpet Manicure using the links below!! Don't forget to like their facebook page so you can enter the sweet sweepstakes!!!! Good Luck!!

Oh... and you're welcome! :D

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