Monday, November 18, 2013

Florida has beautiful beaches, but awful humidity! Even in November!

I moved to the sunshine state of Florida when  I was just 19 years old, a freshly graduated, wide eyed youth looking for fun and adventure. While I did find some fun in the sun and sand, the humidity in South Florida during the summer months was miserable! It would be so high that unless you had your air conditioner blasting continuously, you we're sweaty and irritated.

When I went into a businesses, if the air wasn't cranking, I didn't even stay! The DMV, forget about it, always so stifling in there! Restaurants and shops lost my business if they were hot and stuffy, because if my clothes were sticking to me, I was uncomfortable! If I was uncomfortable, I wanted to leave. While I wouldn't mind spending some of the winter months in Florida, living there year round just wasn't my cup of tea. During  my stay in Venice, so many nice beach days were spent in front of my tiny little AC trying to staying cool. Eventually I decided to move back home to New York where the humidity is much more bearable. Even this time of year, the humidity in South Florida is still around 75%.

But while I was there, I noticed AC's were very affordable and the selection was great. Talk about supply and demand. Florida seems to know how to keep it's residents cool. I purchased a couple small air conditioners for my tiny apartment through a bargain store, and they let me breathe through the summer months. However, they didn't last, which makes me think most households in South Florida probably run commercial air conditioners, because they are more efficient and built to last longer. Seems to make sense to me. I use an industrial vacuum at my house, simply because I have 4 children, and I do not want to buy an new vacuum every few months. It's the same concept, but just a different appliance.

 New air conditioners in West Palm Beach can be purchased and installed through EDS Air Conditioning, a family owned company that provides comfort and quality commercial air conditioners to businesses and Floridians alike.  They offer free estimates, as well as Senior and Military Discounts!

If I ever move back to Florida and am in need of an Air Conditioners, I am going to call a company that is license and insured by the state, like EDS air conditioning.