Friday, January 18, 2013

After Christmas Toy Roundup

Anyone else have to do this??

Now that Christmas is behind us, I try to reflect on when I was a child. How long did my presents last? I think I remember hearing my own parents trying to convince us not to open up all our gifts in December or January. They wanted us to save some for those rainy days.

Now, at our house,  Santa came and went, and each girl got their own stack of gifts. However, in just a few weeks time, I'm plagued by itty bitty pieces everywhere!! I'm talking sequins, buttons, barbie clothes & accessories, game pieces, markers, crayons, scrapbooking supplies, glitter glue, magnet dots, and game cards!  I have the task of rounding them all up and saving whatever I can in hopes I can break it out on a bored day!

So, I spend days and days and days on my hands and knees in their rooms, picking up tiny sequins and beads, etc...

What was 3 packs of crayons are now "community" crayons

Same goes for markers, all the many different they are all mingling together... like a little marker party!!

This is just a tip of the iceberg! But, a mothers work is never done, right??

In the end, I'm hoping to keep them all busy through the rest of winter. Our first birthday starts in March and we don't stop til August!! :) So, I'm wondering, do you do a After Christmas Toy Roundup?? :D Let me know, I'd love to hear your methods!

Til next time