Monday, January 14, 2013

Holiday Vox Box 2012 Check it out!!!!!!!

Hey everyone! So, I'm on Influenster (@Influenster) and right before Christmas, I received a Holiday Vox Box. Basically, it's a box filled with products for me to check out and share how I liked them. I received 5 products and a coupon code (well, technically 2 because I can share the wonderful code WITH YOU! How awesome is that?!)

 Here is a list of the products I received, along with contant info (twitter) and #hashtags to learn more!!

 NYC New York Liquid Color Lipshine

Kiss Nail Dress

Goody Quikstyle Brush 

Quaker Real Medley Oatmeal +



My favorite product so far is the quikstyle brush. ($12) I love that the brush dries my hair about twice as quick. I have average thickness hair. I also use it on my daughters hair (all 4 of them!) and they all think it's great, too!  I especially love it on cold winter mornings when I don't want them to leave for school with wet hair. We shower and brush their hair first, and when it's time to leave, their hair is almost completely dry after using the Quickstyle brush.
Another bonus, wet it and run it through dry hair if you need smoothing power without using a product. It works wonders that way as well!!

My second favorite product would be the EBOOST drink. ($28 for 20 packets $39 for box of 12 shots) I received pink lemonade packet, and it gave me just the boost I needed! I drank it while making dinner, and by the end of the night, I had gotten so much done! I didn't crash at all! I wasn't really into the tast of the drink, but the effects were worth it in my opinion.

I have tried Quaker Oatmeal the same week my sample arrived, and while I didn't care for the variety I received in my #HolidayVoxBox, there are some really amazing flavors to try. I urge you! Sales and coupons makes these really affordable to us frugal moms!!!

I have not tried the Kiss Nail Dress or the NYC Lip Color, keep your eyes peeled for my reviews coming soooooon!!!!

Now on to the coupon code.

Sole Society sent me a coupon code and one to share with my readers!!

INFLUENSTER25 expires 1/31/13 go to Sole Society and redeem for $25 your first pair of shoes!! :D Shoes start @ $49.95 so that's like 1/2 off!!

More links!!

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Please, sharing is caring, so share my page!! You can join Influenster through my link on my homepage!! Part 2 of my review coming later this week!!