Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Being a Veg amongst a houseful of Paleos

I am having a very hard writing this blog post for some reason, I'm not sure exactly why. I am very proud of myself for staying vegetarian since April 22nd, 2012. I remember the day, what we were doing, and the last bite of meat I had eaten. It was off a Subway chicken flatbread sandwich  and I remember thinking that was going to be my last bite. Now, I am not here to ruin anyones dinner, so if you think that by reading my post you will undoubtedly lose your appetite for meat, you should quit reading this now. You may have a weak constitution to begin with, and don't want a push in the right direction. But, that's what I had... I have flirted with the concept of vegetarianism since about 12. Let's rewind some more though, shall we?

Age 2: Typical dinner at my home, however afterward, my parents said I was no where to be found.  They looked all over the house for me, calling my name. Guess where I was?? Behind the fridge, gnawing on a T-Bone Bone. Yup. They still remind me of this as well... :) Kinda funny.

Age 2 and up... I was affectionately given the nick name "I'llEatIt" which means, well, I would clear your plate for you if you were full before your plate were empty... I finished everyones plates...lol....

Flash forward to the teenage years: I was thinking about going vegetarian, but I thought it was hard when my dad was filling our freezer with venison every fall.   I thought it would be more feasible when I moved out on my own and bought my own groceries. Until I got older and had to buy groceries... 

So, here I am today, and I made the decision, finally, to take the leap and go vegetarian... And I am very proud of myself. It has been, single handedly, the easiest decision I have made my whole life. Now, this is coming from someone who loooved meat... A LOT. Lasagna, Tacos, Steak, Eggs, Chicken Sandwiches  Breakfast Sausage you name, I loved it.  However, when I made the switch, I didn't stop just eating meat in general. No, I went extreme if you will. I felt I HAD to stop eating Eggs and Drinking Milk. My love for Cream Cheese and Sour Cream went out the window then too... No more Reese Puffs Cereal either, until I find a suitable replacement for milk in my cereal... So, even though it may SEEM like I am feeling down about my choice, I think that how crystal clear my conscience has become is such a greater benefit that any sugary cereal ever was. That fact alone tells me I am making the right decision. I have never been more sure about something. 

So... are you wondering yet what did it for me?? It wasn't just moving out on my own, it wasn't that the cost of produce suddenly dropped (because we all know it hasn't!!) It was a documentary. Yep. I guess I'd seen enough at that point. I haven't gotten another pet yet either... I'm thinking about the clothes and make-up I wear in a huge way. I will no longer attend a circus or other "amusement" that exploits animals. 

I need help though! I have very little ideas when it comes to eating... I've been living on a very limited diet since making my change. I have a juicer I should be putting to better use, but I'm seriously living on starches, fruits and salad. I need to up my nutrition, because the point isn't to live unhealthy, it's to be healthier. So, I need to do my research, and reach out to others about my situation. I have been following blogs that have what I am looking for... I'm gonna just keep on keeping on!! :)

I have to make a doctors appointment to do blood work and have a check up, since I had not spoke to my GP before I started my change. I haven't been to the doctors since either.  I will make an appointement and let you all know how it goes. *fingers crossed* I have lost over 12 pounds so far, and I have broken all the dieting rules, such as eating late, eating lots of carbs, drinking beer, not working out very much... geez should I really admit all that!?

Well, it's lunch-time, and the baby wants strawberries! Gotta go! Publishing for now, I will be editing soon!! :)